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The Island

Bora Bora is one of the 118 islands that compose French polynesia a French overseas collectivity 17 000 kilometers distant from the European coasts in the Pacific Ocean. This overseas country, with its statute of internal autonomy, represents 3700 square kilometres of land scattered in an ocean surface as large as Europe.

The island of Bora Bora is positioned at 260 kms, West north west of Tahiti has a population of around 10 000 ( last census in 2012). Remarquable for the beauty of its lagoon and made famous by being an American base during WWII, the island of Bora Bora has become the number one touristic destination in French Polynesia. Named the “Pearl of the Pacific”, Bora Bora represents:

  • 40 square Kms in superficy
  • 3 associate districts: Nunue, Faanui, and Anau (the atoll of Tupai a few kilometres distant is tied administratively to Bora Bora community.
  • 9610 inhabitants in 2012
  • Close to 200 000 visitors each year.

Part of the French Republic it is administered by the mayor and his council. To insure its mission of public the “mairie” employs a staff of 200 in the development and performance department, the administrative and financial department, the technical and environmental department and the public and civilian security.