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Municipal competencies

The municipalities in French Polynesia exercise their powers under the supervisory authority of the State, represented by the High Commissioner of the Republic. Its competencies are listed in the article 43 of the statute of internal autonomy of French Polynesia of the 27th of February 2004. The municipalities are competent in the following matters :

  • Municipal police,
  • Road maintenance,
  • Cemeteries,
  • Public transport,
  • Building, maintenance and operating of the first degree education establishments,
  • Fresh water supply,
  • Collecting and treatment of domestic and vegetal waste,
  • ollecting of wastewater.

Since 2008, the communes are under the juridical supervision of the general code of the territorial collectivities applicable to the communes of French Polynesia. This code has put an end to the 1971 Code of the communes. For more information our e-mail contact is or phone our secretariat: +00689 40 605 800.